Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lets go drive a water fuel car: Agha Waqar successfully demonstrated by driving a car with water as fuel.

Could water fuel cars? Believe it or not, the answer is resounding YES. Since the oil crisis revealed the danger of our dependence on fossil fuels, scientist & engineers have tried to come up with alternatives. In this search, Aga Waqar Ahmed a Pakistani engineer invented a water kit which transforms water into energy that can run vehicles. In Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan, during a demonstration in front of Scientist, engineers, students & media Aga Waqar drove a car fitted with his water kit and water as fuel and it astounded all on footers.

Engineer Agha Waqar Ahmed

According to Agha Waqar Ahmed, it is no more a fantasy his invention can be used in every vehicle to use water as fuel. Agha Waqar Ahmed and his team took more than three years to invent this incredible water kit. Agha Waqar Ahmed is running his car successfully by using water as fuel for the last one year. As you see the water kit, it is very simple and no complicated mechanism involved in it. It includes a bubbler that filters the water and then transforms it into hydro gas by using electrolysis process which is done with batteries. The generated fuel then transmitted to engine to run the vehicle. The water to be used in the water kit of Agha Waqar Ahmed should be distilled water. Distilled water is free of impurities. Impurities can be removed after distillation process thus distilled water is cheap enough to buy.

This amazing water kit will be having fantastic fuel consumption. With only 1 liter of distilled water, a light vehicle may run for 40 Kilometers and similarly the motorbikes may run for more than 150 Kilometers and you can go up to 200+ Km/h. This water kit can easily be installed in automobiles; especially in the CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) based automobiles. More according to Agha Waqar Ahmed, you can operate the engine by only replacing the fuel pipes and the water kit will cost only 40K to 50K PKR.

Agha’s invention is a revolutionary step that will help to minimize the fuel and energy crisis and the economic burden on a common user of the whole globe. But on the other hand, Agha’s invention infringes the stakes of multinationals and the oil giants. Because it seems in the past, whoever stepped to invent such thing, he was either made silent or eliminated from the scene.



  1. TRUTH: Pakistani Water Car invented by Agha Waqar & his team is indeed the greatest invention of mankind history: A Nation that has one of the most creative brains in the world has finally won.


    Any wise person can understand at the spot that it is despicable crime to declare Agha Waqar a fraud with out finding physically any fraud in car that he has already demonstrated in front of top journalists politicians and many Ph.D's. Some theoretical Ph.D's has launched hate campaign against the greatest inventor of mankind history Agha Waqar. All objections of these some IRRESPONSIBLE Ph.D's do not carry any weight and sense. They WRONGLY claim, this invention violates laws of science; in fact it does not. The reason of their totally absurd claims is their jealousy against inventor & their inability to understand that new invention. Sometime they say, Agha is not engineer, so he cannot invent. But Edison the biggest inventor of history was too neither Ph.D nor even B.Engg. Ata Rehman & Hoodbhoy are driving in wrong direction on one way road. Their all hue & cry is, that car cannot be run on electrolysis with battery but they do not know that method of Agha is ABSOLUTELY not conventional Electrolysis. When they will know his method, they will not sleep for many nights.

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  3. honestly, is this a joke? kids have been electrolysing water, and people have been feeding HHO from electrolysis into cars as a hobby for years.